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Homeowner adjusting smart thermostat
September 08, 2023

Can A Smart Home Save Energy In Ithaca?

As a smart homeowner, you’re constantly searching for ways to lower utility bills and reduce energy consumption. Have you considered utilizing automation available with a full-featured security system? Smart homes are more than just a gimmicky tool to switch lights off and on. As a matter of fact, a smart home can help you save energy in Ithaca. Take a moment to find out how.

How Smart Home Technology Can Help You Save Energy In Ithaca

Do you keep your thermostat at 70 degrees whether you’re home or away? Do you frequently walk downstairs in the middle of the night to see lights still shining? A smart home will allow you to avert circumstances like this that waste energy and cost you money. The key is in the wireless access, control, and programming capabilities available in smart implements like lights and thermostats.

Take Advantage Of Online Access, Scheduling, And Scenes

We all know how high electrical and gas costs can become. You now have a chance to utilize your home’s systems more prudently. Here are various ways you may save.

  • Online access and control: You just departed on a week-long excursion but forgot to adjust your thermostat or switch off the lights. Not to worry. By engaging the security app on your cell phone, you are able to alter the temp and switch off smart lights. Furthermore, you can change the temperature back to where it was before you return.

  • Schedule your equipment: If there’s nobody at home during the day, is there a need to use your HVAC system at full blast? Instead, program your smart thermostat to cooler temps in the evenings and mornings when loved ones are home and a higher temperature during the day to lower your energy usage. You won’t need to do anything as your smart thermostat will adjust by itself. You can use the same approach with smart light bulbs. There’s a nice safety perk, as well, as you can program your lighting to illuminate at random times, making it seem like you’re inside when you aren’t.

  • Customize a scene: Did you know you can program your own scenes? You might establish them for specific situations, like when you’re [[at home|home], at work, or on vacation. This lets you incorporate elements like your lights, thermostat, and locks. For instance, a bedtime scene can be set to automatically turn off lights, secure your main entry, and reduce your HVAC settings. Setting scenes for when you’re not home can significantly lower energy usage.

  • Geofencing: Another great, energy-efficient way to adjust automated components is via geofencing. When using this technology, your system can figure out where you are according to your cell phone’s location. When departing in the morning, your thermostat can update your HVAC automatically. Conversely, they can be reverted back to your usual levels when you return.

Automation provides more than money savings. It can also boost your safety. For instance, you can have your front door lock on its own at specified times or address it yourself from your smartphone. You may even arm your system from anywhere for greater peace of mind.

Customize Your Ithaca Energy-Efficient Smart Home With Secure24 Alarm Systems

Reduce your energy consumption in Ithaca and save money on utility bills with an energy-efficient smart home from Secure24 Alarm Systems. Our innovative home security packages give you all the tools you need, like remote operation and scheduling. Contact (607) 204-9053 to design your new system today.